School Rankings in your Area

The Best Schools in ELk Grove, CAWith 82 schools in the Elk Grove area, it’s hard to decide which school is the best for your child. By teaming up with, we generated this overview of the best schools in Elk Grove to help make your decision a little bit easier.

Elementary Schools:

Arlene Hein Elementary School

Elliott Ranch Elementary School

Stone Lake Elementary School

Edna Batey Elementary School

Roy Herburger Elementary School

Carroll Elementary School

Elk Grove Elementary School

Foulks Ranch Elementary School

Franklin Elementary School

James A. McKee Elementary School

Middle Schools:

Katherine Albiani Middle School

Elizabeth Pinkerson Middle School

Toby Johnson Middle School

Harriet G. Eddy Middle School

Joseph Kerr Middle School

Edward Harris Jr. Middle School

High Schools:

Pleasant Grove High School

Franklin High School

Cosumnes Oaks High School

Elk Grove High School

Laguna Creek High School

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