This month Coldwell Banker launched the new RealVitalize program.   This program allows you to fix your up house and make it market ready with out any up front cost to yourself.   Let me explain...

You are thinking of selling your house, but you know you need to paint and update carpets to get top dollar for your home. You can now get those improvements done without the upfront cost.  Simply sign a listing agreement with me and you can borrow up to 3% of the value of your home to spruce the place up and get it ready to sell.

You will have to pay the money back, but you have 1 year or until your home sells to do so.  The great news is that there are no fees, interest charges or markups.  We know that a spruced up house sells for more money then that original 1970's paint job.

Now you don't need to be deterred by your old carpet, paint, other minor repairs to sell your house.  We have you covered.  Give me a call and let's work on a strategy to sell your house for the most amount of money.  Call me today. Mark DeGennaro 916-849-4810